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zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Coco Chanel: her Brand

It was Coco's Chanel dream to have a own brand, and this dream came true. In 1908 was the  opening of her first Chanel shop , in this shop sold Chanel hats for ladies. 10 years later was the opening of the first Chanel clothes shop. Everybody liked Chanel's clothes  and her brand  became so popular that in 1924 the opening was of the first Chanel shop in the United Kingdom. 
 During the world war she closed all her shops. Coco Chanel had a relation with a Nazi-man , wich gave her a bad reputation. She also didn't want to sell clothes during the war , she said it wasn't respectful. She moved to  Switzerland where she lived a couple of years. In 1954 she made her comeback , and she had more success  than ever before.
There are now more than 64 shops all over the world , and millions of  people are fan of the designs of  Chanel.

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