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donderdag 23 juni 2011

Who was Coco chanel ?

Coco Chanel was born in 1883 on the 19th of August. She lived in France  together with her 4 brothers and her parents in a small house. Her mother died when she was 12 years old. Her father couldn't take care of his childern anymore and coco became an Orphan. Gabrielle is the real first name of coco chanel. Coco is a nickname. Coco worked as a singer in a pub ,her favorit song was ''ko ko ri co '', a lot of people liked that song , and started to call Gabrielle Chanel ..Coco Chanel.
When Coco Chanel was 21 years old , she started a relationship with Ettienne  and she became pregnant , but she didn't want to have kids yet and she got a abortion. Abortion was in 1900 extremely illegal , but Coco didn't care at all. When Coco was 28 she dumped Ettienne because she wanted an other life. While she was searching for her new life ,she met Boy. Boy helped her with making her dream come true , her dream was to have a brand. Her dream to have a own brand came true , but her relationship with Boy ended. When she was 80 years old she said that Boy was the love of her life, and she would never forget him.
In her Childhood coco had to deal with difficult circumstances , she was always on her own, that made her a fighter . When she became older she had problems with showing her emotions and loving other people. Her brand was the most important thing in her life.

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