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woensdag 21 september 2011

What not to wear this autumn!

Hello everyone,

Dear , dear , dear , sometimes we dont know just what to wear..
There a so many trends , and how do we combine them?
Well I have done a research  and made a list for you what not to wear this autumn.

  • Head Band ,just dont , its very 2009. Need I to say more?

  • Logos It looks really fake and cheap to wear something with a big brand name on it..

  • A jegging : It isn`t a jeans so wear something like a long shirt above it , please dont use it as a legging,please dont.

  • Ripped jeans. Its not classy , most of the times its too much a ripped jeans , and not a jeans anymore..

(pic: fashionZen)

xoxo Elsemiek

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