my fashionlist, maybe yours as well

woensdag 23 november 2011

new in stock!

Hi guys,
After a busy day I had done some shopping  , I have just bought these pieces  
( from the H&M child department).
I own these things in white , but I couldn't find a lovely picture of both of them :(
I am so happy that I finnaly got them , because it wasn't a easy job to find them..

Hope you guys like it&please enjoy your day.

With love

dinsdag 22 november 2011

maandag 14 november 2011

Quote of the week♥


Rumors = as pathetic as the people who started them, & as fake as the people who help spread them.


woensdag 9 november 2011

What's in my beautybag?

What is in my beautybag?
Everything on this picture. I have a hugo love for lipstains, i'm really addicted...
Love the honey teints for your nails , it makes a outfit always glamerous!
Marc Jacobs is also in my beautybag , love the smell and i like the bottle soo much!
Whats in yours?
Huge love from Elsemiek

zondag 6 november 2011

Quote of the week♥

I text you because I miss you, If I don't ...I'm waiting for you to miss me :)

dinsdag 1 november 2011