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zaterdag 31 december 2011

Last day of the year

We laughed , we cried , we danced , we worked , we believed and we tried.
maybe was 2011 your year , maybe you really wanted that 2011 didn't exist..
Whatever may happend with you this year , remember , there is a 2012.
A new year to make your dream true .
A new year to try your best at school .
 A new year to believe in love (again).
A new year to break all the rules.
A new year to clean up all your mess from 2011.
A new year to visit mystyleiseternal ;)
A new year , yes A NEW YEAR.

I really hope that 2011 was an amazing lovely wonderfully exting year for you.
But I hope that 2012 will be better ! for all of us!

Love from

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