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vrijdag 2 december 2011

Preparing Sinterklaas

Hi sweeties,
As you all may know , I am a girl from the Netherlands.
The inhabitans of the Netherlands are preparing Sinterklaas
while the whole world is preparing for Christmas .
I would to share this holiday with you
and tell you the story  about Sinterklaas because its quite interesting.

( Sinterklaas)

Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas is the main character of the eponymous annual children's party on December 5 ( we call it : packets evening) in the Netherlands and on December 6 (the actual Catholic feast day of St. Nicholas) in Belgium and in some (former) Dutch colonies is celebrated.

Sinterklaas and his helper, Black Peter, are according to tradition on the night of December 5 December 6 in the Netherlands and in Belgium through the chimney in to all homes to bring gifts for the children living there.

Sinterklaas looks like Santa Claus. Thats because of the exploration a long time ago, when the people from the Netherlands  ,Germany  and  Belgium moved to the united states to create a new life there.  They introduced Sinterklaas but years after years Sinterklaas changed to famous Santa Claus.

Atfer hearing this story , I felt amazing. Because this story made me realize that we are actually all the same : we want to believe in the little things that makes life beautifull and those are the things that makes everyone happy and carefree for a moment. No matter what your party is.
Why not believing in this kind of stories?
 Its just like love : you have to believe them , because if you don't believe them , you will be sure that it never will work out.


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