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dinsdag 17 januari 2012

These are the 4 most hated fashiontrends by men

We all know that problem , you love the skirt , he hates it..
When you think you had just bought something amazing , he asked: Uuh  sorry honney , but do you have the receipt?
Well accept from the fact that we know it better what to wear and what to combine;) ! , we want to prevent these situations!
These are the most hated fashiontrends by man.

minimalisum: they think we should do more effort to dress ourselves..

shoulder pads: They do think its something for boys because of your shoulders shape with those
Knitwear : Not stylish , not female because knitwear doesn't show your body shape.

The boyfriendlook: boys: we also dont wear women clothes , right?


2 opmerkingen:

  1. WHen it comes to women's fashion, men have no say. I think these are adorable trends.

    1. I do totally agree , most of the time , men just say something without thinking hahaha