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zaterdag 28 april 2012

Balm Balm lip Balm

Hi everyone ,
I would like to tell you something about my newest lip balm. It is from the brand Balm Balm and their products are all 100% organic. I do love the lip balm and in this revieuw I would like to tell you why.

The Lipbalm

There are 3 different balms : Tea Tree , Fragrance Free and the Rose Geranium Lip Balm.
They are all 100% organic and there are some ingeredients in it which I never knew you could use in a balm! that was kind of suprising.
You do not need to spread a lot of balm on your lips because a little bit of these balm is more than enough to let it work!
You can also use it as a handcream which I prefer!  It is very handy to take with you on holiday, because of the size ( it is very small)

Do not buy it if you don't like oil balms! because this balm is on oil base. The smell of the balm is by the way really good , but you do not want to taste it ( ugh , that taste was soooo not ok! haha)

You can buy the balm balm lip balm online at the Balm Balm shop. The prices are around the five euros.

Hope you liked my beauty revieuw, have a nice saturday!
love from

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