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vrijdag 31 augustus 2012

broken necklace and broken heart

 Hi everyone
I bought a amazing necklace two weeks ago. It had a coper color and looked so stunning with nude , black and white clothes (which are my favorite colors!). Well, well when I returned from Italy the necklace broke.
 I had not done anything wrong in my opinion , because I am always very carefull with my stuff haha.
I returned it to the store ( H&M ) and I've got a voucher now to buy something else. 
I decided not to buy the necklace again because it might brake again then..
Had you guys ever had the same story? So happy with a product and then , suddenly , it broke? Then you know my feeling right now haha. Well well , I cried enough , lets buy some new necklaces;)

                  My necklace. ( made this with instagram;)

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  1. Very nice necklace!!!